This is a 9'x4' triptych done with oil, wax, and objects. It explores the subject of identity and music. Music comes from inside us and is shaped by our individual identities. The tools that we use to make music are somewhat limited and the theory of music has, for the most part, been exhausted. The main factor that makes music infinitely creative is unique individual identities. Every person is different which means everybody can take the finite elements of music and create an infinite variety of music.

The left piece represents the physical matter of music; or the tools that turn something abstract into air movement ... sound. The right piece is about theory. Its what we use to help us understand the system of music. How we can articulate, write it, read it, measure it ... comprehend it. The center piece is what joins the two other pieces. The theory and the instruments are combined with individuality to make a completely unique combination.

I chose warm colors for the instrument side because that's the fun part to me. I like feeling the vibrations through a guitar. I used a guitar with all the varying pieces labeled to illustrate how instruments are like little machines; designed and built for the purpose to make music. I also used an actual hammer because its a tool I can associate with instruments.

I chose cooler, darker colors for the theory side because theory can be a little heavy for me. I enjoy the knowledge and its usefulness but I don't like to live there. A carpenter square is used in this piece because its a standard of measurement.

The center piece is an image of my actual fingerprint. I tried to use every color of the wheel with varying temperatures and tones to illustrate the all encompassing range of individual creativity. The left and right pieces are joined to the center with my hand print, again symbolizing the union of these three elements to make music.