in god we

Inspired by Jasper Johns, the famous American Dada artist, this piece explores the differences between the American slogan printed on our currency and the stereotypical American life.

The flag was the perfect visual representation for the relationship between reality and slogans because of the high contrast of the strips and the imposing and dominating nature of the star field; witch I exchanged for currency so to speak. Originally, the stripes can be seen as a union between higher beliefs and the reality of those beliefs played out but I propagated all the stripes with generic realities of typical American life leaving off the last 'trust' of the high claim 'In God We Trust.' The starry sky of the flag represent the states who hold these beliefs, or the channels through which these beliefs flow. I chose to use a 50 dollar bill here as a reference to the 50 states and because the high belief printed on our currency is in constant opposition with currency. In essence, the channels through which our beliefs flow are slowly changing from people to money.