self portrait

When I paint with oils, I collect all the left over paint and organize it by color into globs of paint. The next time I go to paint, the globs have formed a skin which I can remove and use the fresh paint inside. I can even mash the skin down with pure oil to reuse. Its economic and practical./p>

In the middle of the night, after an argument, I retreated to my studio and painted this self portrait. I decided to only use the globs of skinned over oil paint that I had been collecting for months. At first, it was just instinctual but later I realize the reasoning. When I'm conflicted and down hearted, I don't naturally find 'fresh paint' to deal with problems, I tend to make do with what's there and use the 'used paint' of previous experiences to deal with current ones. The outcome is not perfect, polished or pure ... Its economic and practical ... its life.