This is a logo I created for a local band. Their music is kind of etherial rock-ish and their name fits the music which is always a good start. The word 'Aeolian' comes the Greek god 'Aeolus', god of the wind, and used to describe the effects of the wind. For instance, the Aeolian Process is the erosion of land by wind. The Aeolian Harp is an instrument in which the strings are vibrated by the wind, creating an Aeolian Sound. You can also hear Aeolian Sound's in other places like when the wind blows through power lines. There is also an Aeolian Mode in music; a natural minor scale inspired by Aeolian sound.

This band, Aeolian, has many of these characteristics in their music which is why I chose to develop their logo using wind and strings. The 2 legs of the 'A' in this logo represent the strings, and the sideways treble cleft is 'blowing' through the strings making the cross member of the 'A.' I chose a font with flowing and blowing characteristics, complementing the treble cleft. Deep red was a fitting color because their music is somewhat dark but very heartfelt and passionate. The name the album they were finishing when a designed this was called 'Risk.' For the album cover, I showed a human figure with a keyhole on his heart starring across a divide into darker areas where the keys lie. I felt this was a simple illustration about the risk one has to go through to obtain what the heart needs. After this project I developed a website for them with a store and eventually went on tour with them in Europe to record a live album.

This is package design I did for their CD

Aeolian Risk

This is navigation on their website done in Flash

Some mockups and chicken scratch

Aeolian Comps