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Bellevue Arlington
Soul Mate Live

Bellevue Baptist Church was noted as one of the top 50 most influential churches in the country with almost 30,000 members. Located in Memphis, it has three satellite churches in the area. I did the website for one of the satellite churches (Bellevue Arlington) and another website for a group that formed from them called Soul Mate Live.

Bellevue Arlington supplied me with a list of websites they liked, which were very texture oriented, layered with drop shadows and full of movement. I drew up wire frames and gave them several different mockups to chose from then we went back and forth refining and approving until we settled in on a design. I recreated their logo and used the mockups to build the site in HTML and CSS with a Flash header and slideshow. I then converted it to ASPX so I could use the master page function, allowing me to slim the code and make broad changes in a template style. This also minimizes the risk of future users from effecting the layout of the site. I used lots of texture, shadows and movement as requested and they loved it. By this point, most of the content had been gathered and I worked with them to organize it and maximize usability.

The Soul Mate Live group liked the Bellevue Arlington site so much they hired me to do something similar, since they were affiliated with them, but also unique. I duplicated the Arlington site and made some changes to suit there needs. Since their group focuses on young couples, I focused on using a deep red because of its boldness and passion. I changed the navigation to appeal to the younger crew and used some Flash to spice it up. They wanted a countdown for their events, which they had seen in another site I did, so I customized that for them. I chose to reuse much of this code, first because SML liked it but also because they were on a tight budget. I could adapt my previous design to meet their needs and still give them a unique product and a smaller bill.

Below are some mockups and some chicken scratch

Bellevue Arlington Mockups Bellvue Arlington Scratch