I've done many jobs for Impact Technology Solutions. Its one of those companies that has multiple sister companies so I ended up doing almost all of their projects. This involved logo design and cleanup, complete web development, identity, color coordinating, business cards, flyers, adds, and communicating with all kinds of people to get the job done. This was one of the first sites I did for them. They wanted a seamless site with all the basic information no more than a click away. I said I could do it with no clicks and still keep it clean ... they were thrilled.

Its an all flash site built from scratch where the info appears on rollovers, even the contact form. No pages, no clicks, just move the mouse. The first thing I did was develop the logo. They had a rough draft of it so I worked with that and cleaned it up, simplified it, established a grid, straitened lines paying attention to gaps angles, established CMYK and RGB colors, kerning, etc. I was able to apply those standards to the rest of the projects I did for them. The next step was establishing a concept. In this case it was a technology company so I envisioned a circuit board with all the lines and solder dots. I worked out the design and drew it out for them on a white board explaining to them the functionality, ease of use and how it meats their goals. From there I started building it in flash and little inspirations came during the process like the electric current flowing through the lines on a rollover. They we completely satisfied and as a result I was hired again for all there graphic needs.

I love working with Flash but I've since migrated to using jQuery since most of my clients don't opt for a mobile version. At least we have a shot with mobility using jQuery instead of Flash.

Below are some more Impact sister sites that I did.

Point of Impact impact logistics Impact Engineered Labor Solutions Impact Lawn and Landscape

And some adds...

ITS Add Loading Service Add

And some chicken scratch...